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Division of Biostatistics
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Kiros Berhane  

I have been on faculty in the Division of Biostatistics, Department of Preventive Medicine, at USC since December 1997. My primary research interest is in the development of statistical modeling techniques for correlated (single or multiple) outcomes and their applications to a diverse set of sustantive areas including examination of effects of (i) air pollution and other environmental factors on children's respiratory and cardiovascular health, and (ii) the built environment on development of childhood obesity. My interest in global health focuses on health effects of indoor/oudoor air pollution, occupational exposures and climate change. Since 2014, I have also been director of our graduate programs in biostatistics and epidemiology.

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Statistical Methodology

Su YC, Gauderman WJ, Berhane K, Lewinger JP. Adaptive Set-Based Methods for Association Testing. Genetic Epidemiology; 40(2):113-22, 2016.

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A more complete list of published work in my CV or bibliography:

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